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Adara Blake’s music has been described

as an eclectic mix of folk, pop, jazz and contemporary with the undertones of a speakeasy torch singer. It is heartfelt, insightful, moody & joyful...

     Adara Blake was raised with her three brothers in the small and beautiful town of Sedona, Arizona.  Her main influences growing up came from her mothers music collection which was a combination of mostly 50’s, 60’s & some 70’s music. Her mother would would sing to her many folk songs as well as popular songs from her era. This inspired Adara from a very young age to write her own songs and sing.
     In high school, Adara took a songwriting workshop which was the catalyst for her wanting to pursue music more seriously. She realized that to be able to tell stories and connect with people in such a unique and intimate way was truly special. She began learning guitar and the creative floodgates were opened.
     In the summer of 2002, she moved to Portland, Oregon in search of a
larger music community where she performed alone as well as with bands. Surrounded by so many amazing musicians, Adara began delving into many different genres from folk, jazz, rock, pop, country and metal.
     Her evolution as a musician was also greatly influenced when she started a small recording studio out of her home and began recording and producing herself and other local musicians. It impacted the way she writes, creates, performs and listens to music today.
     After seven years in Portland, she was ready for a change and moved
back to her home town of Sedona. She wanted to reconnect with her singer, songwriter, acoustic roots and be closer to her family.  Adara currently plays shows around the southwest as a solo artist and with her band.